Relaxing Spas

1. Czerniawia-Zdrój and 2. Swieradow-Zdrój Spa Compound

The spa’s natural treasures include mineral water (the so-called ‘holy spring’) and radon water. The ‘Czerniawianka’ mineral water rids the body of heavy metals and reduces the level of blood sugar.

3. Cieplice Thermal Spa, Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój

This spa is exceptional due to its thermal water, which has the highest content of silicon dioxide of all spa water springs in Europe.

4. Janské Spa

TThe spa gained world renown in the first half of the 20th century thanks to its successful treatment of the effects of polio, especially polio in children. Janské Spa thus became the very first medical institution in Europe that was able to treat the effects of poliomyelitis.


5. Bělohrad Spa

Treatment of the musculoskeletal system disorders is the prime focus of the spa – from rheumatic diseases, spinal pain, Bekhterew’s disease, or arthrosis, to conditions after injury and orthopaedic surgeries. Disfiguring scars after burns or injury are also treated here.

6. Bohdaneč Spa

Rare peat is the foundation for treatments in this spa. Bog baths have a beneficial effect, particularly on the musculoskeletal system. It is the only spa in the Czech Republic where special wrap bathtubs are used. They provide treatments for long-term problems with the musculoskeletal system, pre-operative and postoperative conditions, and convalescence after injury.


7. Velichovky Spa

Founded in 1897, the spa specializes in the convalescence of patients who have musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders.

8. Kudowa-Zdrój

The drinking fountain pavilion (Pijalnia) ranks among the architectural marvels in all of Lower Silesia. Three medicinal mineral water springs are found inside.


9. Duszniki-Zdrój

The establishment of the spa is connected with the discovery of a large number of medicinal mineral water springs. The spa has won renown for its local springs and climate, which bears resemblance to that of the regions below the Alps.


10. Polanica-Zdrój

The medicinal spring water in this spa comes from the Table Mountains.



11. Lądek-Zdrój

The first mention of the local baths dates back to 1241. Water and peat are used during treatments. Its unique feature is a round pool which gathers hot water coming from the thermal spring.


12. Sebastianeum Silesiacum (Kamień Śląski)

The spa specializes in treatments where water and herbs are used in accordance with the rules set out by Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp.

13. ‘Skowronek’ Convalescence and Retreat Centre, Głuchołazy

A water therapy centre which provides Kneipp and Vincenz Priessnitz treatments was established in the spa park. Good-quality water and the unique microclimate help treat respiratory and cardiological diseases. We recommend that you visit the 15-metre-tall salt tower.

14. Jeseník Spa

The local microclimate is suitable for treating the upper and lower airways, blood circulation and nervous system disorders. Its concept follows the Vincenz Priessnitz traditional water therapy method.


15. Karlova Studánka Spa

Karlova Studánka Spa is situated at a mean altitude of 800 metres above sea level, on the eastern side of Mount Praděd (1,492 metres). The springs are used in carbonic baths and for fluid intake treatments. The clean mountain and forest environment with a high concentration of negatively charged ions is the source of this healing climate, which has positive effects on the respiratory system.

16. Schroth’s Medical Spa, Dolní Lipová

The spa treatments in Schroth’s Medical Spa are basedon using the natural healing climatic conditions and unique concoctions made from Lipová’s herbs. The spa specializes primarily in treating non-infectious skin diseases (chiefly psoriasis), illnesses caused by metabolic disorders and diseases of the respiratory system.


17. Bludov Spa

Nestled within tranquil surroundings below the Jeseníky Mountains, Bludov Spa specializes in effective and healthy weight loss and treatments of the musculoskeletal system.

18. Velké Losiny Spa

The indoor and outdoor pools form a unique thermal park, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. Physical activities and treatments in thermal, sulphurous water provide excellent treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

19. Slatinice Spa

This is a medical spa with an exceptional, moderately mineralized, natural water spring containing hydrogen sulphide, which has beneficial effects on articular cartilage. Because of its unique mineral composition, the spring water is used to cure the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, as well as neurological, dermatological and oncological diseases.

20. Skalka Spa

The village of Skalka lies 8 km from Prostějov and is known for its spa, which uses local mineral water.

Did you know that…? The chemical composition of the alkaline-sulphurous water found here is unparalleled. No other Czech spa can offer this content of sylvite. It is only found in Italy and Austria.


21. Teplice nad Bečvou Spa

Teplice nad Bečvou Spa was founded thanks to rich springs of thermal alkaline mineral water with a high content of natural carbon dioxide.

22. Klimkovice Sanatoria Spa

This is a spa with a unique, healing natural resource – iodine-bromine brine. This spa resort has an interesting architectural style, is surrounded by a large spa park and provides a lot of services of both a curative and relaxing character.


23. Darkov Spa

Darkov Spa helps patients eliminate or minimize lasting consequences of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems using balneal physiotherapy.

24. Ustroń Spa

The spa status of the small town of Ustroń is guaranteed by the mineral springs discovered in the 19th century. The spa specializes in cardiological, neurological, oncological and orthopaedic convalescence.


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