Hradec nad Moravicí castle

The Castle in Hradec nad Moravicí was a place where numerous personalities from around the world met. It was a place where Beethoven and Liszt gave concerts, the local hunting grounds were admired by Chancellor von Metternich and by Russian Tsar Alexander I himself. In the 14th century, the castle was owned by Nicholas II, Duke of Racibórz, whose wife Anna of Racibórz came from the Silesian Piast dynasty.

The castle has a rich history connected with the royal Přemyslid dynasty. It guarded the old land border between Moravia and Silesia. Its today’s appearance dates back to the reign of the last nobles from the Prussian House of Lichnowsky from Voštic. The complex is comprised of two parts: the White Castle (Czech: Bílý zámek) and the Red Castle (Czech: Červený zámek).

The Lichnowsky family were enthusiasts of art and patrons of the best-known composers of the time. Karl Lichnowsky was a student of genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the artist’s harpsichord is displayed in the castle after being imported from Vienna.  However, it is the life of Ludwig van Beethoven that is the most closely linked with Hradec nad Moravicí. Even now, the visitors can see the chamber where Beethoven stayed. It was in the castle that he composed his Appassionata. It is said that when he was supposed to present it to French officers, he had an argument with Duke Karl Lichnowsky and fled from the castle to the nearby Opava.

When pianist Franz Liszt gave concerts in the castle, Felix Lichnowsky bought a mahogany piano specially for him for 600 thalers. Liszt enjoyed great popularity and his concerts were always sold out. The Lichnowsky family established a castle park. They were also known for their Merino sheep farm, which was what made Tsar Alexander I come to the castle. The farm gave rise to new flocks of sheep in the distant Australia.

In the vicinity of the castle, there is a Way of the Cross on the Kalvárie Hill, and enthusiasts of facilities of the nobility will be delighted to visit the nearby the Raduň Castle.



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